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The place to talk about Bonnie Bryant's The Saddle Club, Pine Hollow, and Pony Tails
Welcome to Pine Hollow Stables. Here's the place where you can reminisce, ask questions about, or post fanfiction about the book series The Saddle Club, Pony Tails, and Pine Hollow by Bonnie Bryant Hiller.

Community Rules

  • This is a community for The Saddle Club, Pony Tails, and Pine Hollow. Maybe talking about The Saddle Club makes you think about that old Thoroughbred book by Joanna Campbell, your brand new Welsh pony, or your equine studies course in college. That's fine. However, this is not a place for discussion about Paris Hilton, Harry Potter, or fly fishing. There are other communities for that.
  • We welcome pictures, news stories, links to other stuff, fanfiction, fanart, complaints, nitpicks, questions, trades, sales, wishlists, comments, discussion, and memories.
  • Anyone can join this community, but you must join to post entries. Anyone can comment on an entry.
  • Lots of people have books they want to trade or sell, and you're welcome to put up lists of the books you have or want. I want to stress that it is polite to offer to pay for the books or shipping, or offer books in trade. If someone sends you books, especially for free or for the cost of shipping only, I can't force you to thank him or her, but it is expected. Treat trades in this community exactly as you would sales on Amazon or eBay. This community cannot accept responsibility if the book gets lost in the mail or the other party fails to deliver.
  • You are welcome to post pictures, articles, videos, and links. Pictures larger than 400 pixels should go behind a cut tag. Similarly, articles or pieces of fiction longer than 100 words should also go behind a cut tag. Information on using a cut tag can be found here.
  • Please be polite and don't flame.

Ongoing Projects

  • The Master List of People: A comprehensive list of every character who appears in The Saddle Club and Pony Tails books (in progress)
  • The Master List of Animals: A comprehensive list of every horse, dog, cat, or other animal that appears in The Saddle Club and Pony Tails books (in progress)
  • The Pine Hollow Master List: A comprehensive list of every character who appears in the Pine Hollow books
  • Ghostwriting The Saddle Club: Publication date, dedication, notes, ghostwriter, and other info for every book in the series (in progress)
  • The CoverArt Project: An compilation of high-res files of the cover art for all three series, as well as information about collecting the different editions and related book paraphernalia (in progress)

Helpful Resources

Book Timeline

1 - Lisa Atwood meets Carole Hanson and Stevie Lake at Pine Hollow Stables. They form The Saddle Club.
2 - Cobalt dies. Carole gets a cat, Snowball.
3 - Samson is born.
4 - The Saddle Club meets Kate Devine.
6 - The Saddle Club meets Eli Grimes and Christine Lonetree. Stevie celebrates her 13th birthday.
8 - The Saddle Club meets Skye Ransom. Dorothy DeSoto is injured in a riding accident.
10 - Stevie begins to date Phil Marston/Marsten.
11 - Max forms Horse Wise. Veronica's parents buy her a new horse, Garnet.
12 - The Saddle Club meets Jeannie Sanders. She and Eli Grimes start a relationship.
13 - The Saddle Club meets A.J. McDonnell. Carole receives Starlight as a Christmas gift from her father.
15 - The Saddle Club meets the "Italian boys" - Marco, Enrico, Gian, and Andre - and Marie Dana.
19 - Carole's father, Mitch Hanson, celebrates his 40th birthday.
21 - Max and Judy Barker buy Prancer. Pepper is retired from classes at Pine Hollow. We meet May Grover.
24 - The Saddle Club meets Walter and John Brightstar.
25 - Prancer recovers from her injury. First appearance of Cam Nelson.
27 - Dorothy DeSoto marries Nigel Hawthorne.
29 - Eli Grimes and Jeannie Sanders have married. First appearance of Lady Theresa (Tessa). Lisa runs into Enrico in Italy.
30 - Pepper is euthanized. Max buys a Thoroughbred mare, Al's Calypso Lady.
31 - The Saddle Club meets Simon Atherton. Carole celebrates her birthday (presumably her 13th).
34 - The first book with the new cover art design is published.
34 - Max and Deborah Hale get engaged.
SE1 is set between books 34 and 35.
38 - Stevie receives "No Name" as a gift from her parents.
40 - Stevie learns that "No Name" was stolen, but is able to buy her rightfully from her former owner. She names her Belle.
44 - Joey Dutton moves from Willow Creek.
PT1 - Joey Dutton moves away from Willow Creek. Corey Takamura and her mother move into his house. Corey, May, and Jasmine form the Pony Tails.
SE2 is set between books 44 and 45.
45 - Max marries Deborah. Red has started a relationship with Denise McCaskill.
SE3 is set between books 48 and 49.
49 - Veronica has received Danny as a Christmas gift from her parents. She sells Garnet.
51 - Max sends Samson to be trained at Scott Grover's.
52 - The Saddle Club meets Emily Williams.
SE4 is set between books 56 and 57.
SE5 is set between books 65 and 66.
SE5 - Max and Deborah's daughter, Maxine Hale Regnery, is born.
SE6 is set between books 70 and 71.
SE6 - Delilah dies of equine infectious anemia.
72 - Maxi Regnery takes her first horseback ride.
SE7 is set between books 84 and 85.
The first Inside Story, Stevie, is set between books 85 and 86.
88 - The first book with the new photo cover art is published.
Lisa: The Inside Story is set between books 88 and 89.
Carole: The Inside Story is set between books 89 and 90.

93 - Lisa's parents have begun to have marital problems.
101 - Lisa's parents separate.

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