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Claudia Style


Posted by ladyjavert on 2018.03.13 at 15:24
So I've started to re read some of my Saddle Club books
I always wished the author would have included Veronica in the Club.
She doesn't seem she'd be so bad but it might have been funny to have the tsudere type in the club.
I always liked her a lot.



Posted by alex51324 on 2011.07.10 at 22:08
Hi All,

I was excited to find this community, but sad that it seems to be in hibernation.  Still, it looks like there are still people following it, so I thought I'd post my doubles/needs lists.  I'm buying up the series on the pretext that surely within a few years one of my nieces will prove to be horse-crazy (they're 2, 4, and unborn at the moment, so it's a little early).  But I'm reading them all as I find them, funny how that happens...

Anyway, my doubles are:
#3: Horse Crazy
#4 Horse Power (I have three copies of that, actually, so two to give away)
#10 Riding Camp (also 2 to give away)
#28 Stable Manners
#54 Gold Medal Rider
#69 Endurance Ride

I need #7, 11-17, 25, 31, 52, 53, 55, 56, 62-64, 67, 74, 76, 83, 87, and 92, plus all the special editions except Western Star.

I'd be happy to swap any of my dupes for any of my needs, or to send out my dupes for the cost of shipping, or swap them for something else cool (such as other horse books for, ahem, the nieces). 


Posted by an24na on 2009.05.30 at 15:01
Hi, I am a newbie here but a long time fan of Saddle Clubs, please does anyone have any Pine Hollows they wish to sell, I live in uk



Ten Saddle Club Banners

Posted by mrs_rated_jmo on 2009.05.27 at 21:04
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Okay so I made ten Saddle Club banners. Worked pretty hard on them. Check them out. Let me know if you take any! Thanks

(life is easy when you wear a smile..)

Saddle Club Icons!

Posted by mrs_rated_jmo on 2009.05.24 at 15:44
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Okay so I'm new here and I thought I'd just drop off an Icon Dump I just made. They are icons from two differen't episodes. But there are 45 of them and one Veronica banner! Enjoy. Blanks can be used for whatever you want. No credit needed!

45 Saddle Club Icons
1 Saddle Club Banner


Follow meeeeeeeeeee


Saddle Up For Series 3

Posted by thepastperfect on 2009.02.24 at 09:45
So, the third season of The Saddle Club featuring recast actors? Is really a happening thing, apparently.

THE SADDLE CLUB PREMIERES: Saturday, March 7 at 10.00am on Channel Nine and WIN

The new cast will feature Lauren Dixon as Stevie, Victoria Campbell as Carole, and Ariel Kaplan as Lisa. I have never heard of any of these girls, and neither has IMDb; but then, I'm not Australian and not ten years old anymore. (Wikipedia now has them listed in the Saddle Club TV series entry, but they don't have pages yet.) I'm sure more info will trickle out once the new episodes actually start.

I still find the phenomenon of recasting to be totally bizarre, but I've never been really into a show that did it, except for Party of Five. I think it would make more sense for these new actresses to play different characters at Pine Hollow (say, May, Corey, and Jasmine, just age them up appropriately -- it would not be the most horrendous thing this show has ever done to the canon), but maybe this is very common with children's shows and I've just never been watching the right ones.

harry potter, Loads of fog

#100 Stray Horse

Posted by xxevereverafter on 2009.01.29 at 19:53
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I found a copy of this book in a second-hand bookshop the other day, which is great because I haven't read many of the later books. I could kind of tell that they were running out of ideas by that time though...did anyone else notice that the name of the horse (Protocol) and the owner (Mr. Crawford) came from the production companies Crawford Productions and Protocol Entertainment, which produce the Saddle Club TV series?
I didn't know whether to laugh or groan!



Posted by wild_horse101 on 2008.10.01 at 20:20
i'm new here!
and i LOVE the saddle club! like my icon?
i love the show & the books!

Posted by a_heather on 2008.09.28 at 21:07
Does anyone know where one could find a near-complete to complete used set of the Saddle Club books for relatively inexpensive cost? 

harry potter, Loads of fog
Posted by xxevereverafter on 2008.09.27 at 12:58
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What's the book where Stevie and Lisa decide to find out the truth about Max's grandfather? I can't remember the main plot of the book, but I'm pretty sure it's one of the earlier books in the series. Thanks :)


There is nothing British about one plus one equaling three.

Posted by thepastperfect on 2008.09.07 at 16:01
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I don't know how intent you guys are on collecting the books, but over at babysittersclub, those of us who are/were collectors frequently have dreams about collecting. Usually they involve coming across new or different books that don't actually exist in the real world. These dreams supposedly slack off once you've finished your collection, but I had one about The Saddle Club last night (and I've been done with my Saddle Club book collection for a couple of years now).

In it, I discovered a "British" edition of #13 Starlight Christmas that was partially a graphic novel. So instead of Max saying that he was going out to check the trail, he said that he had to go out and make sure "[drawing of a bottle] + [drawing of a bottle] = [drawing of three bottles]" and Stevie said, "But one plus one doesn't equal three!" And Carole's mother was still alive and she and Colonel Hanson were both buying Starlight for Carole, which made even less sense than Stevie suddenly being a whiz at math.

So there you have it. I have never seen the real British versions of the books. I liked this one better.

For those who are interested, season 1 of The Saddle Club was released on DVD this week, although it won't be in stock at Amazon until next Saturday. On the plus side: You can get it for $10.99 instead of $14.98.

I think it's kind of odd that Stevie is featured much more prominently on the front cover than Carole and Lisa, but I'm not familiar with the actresses, so maybe that explains it.

Also, I had the weirdest experience the other day while I was out shopping, like in public, at an American store (in the mall) and heard "Hello World" on the radio. I find it embarrassingly addictive.

GS New Media, Inc., a digital entertainment company based in Toronto, announced today that it has adopted Project Darkstar http://projectdarkstar.com), the breakthrough open source online game platform invented by Sun Microsystems, Inc. (http://sun.com) (NASDAQ:JAVA), to develop a virtual world for tweens and teens based on the popular TV series The Saddle Club™. GS New Media and Sun Microsystems will work together to develop a high-performance, broadly functional solution architecture as a basis for The Saddle Club Virtual World.

That said, I'm honestly not sure what that means. Is it like Second Life, but instead of islands you walk into Pine Hollow and can interact with Zach, Melanie, Kristi, and all those other characters who were made up for the TV show? My, the things you learn when you have "bonnie bryant" in your Google Alerts ...

I also appreciated this quote from the article:

"Given the international success of Bonnie Bryant’s original books it has been a wonderful experience to build on that original fan base ..." said Nick McMahon, CEO of Crawford Productions Pty Ltd in Australia.

Damn right, except, the show isn't really for the original fans. It's for the new ones. The ones who are a decade or two younger.

Posted by soph_thinwishes on 2008.08.01 at 16:50

is anyone after any saddle club or pine hollow books??

i have soooo many and i'm trying to sell them

For those of you who just can't get enough of my fine writing prowess, I've started to contribute to Whitebrook Farm's blog, where a bunch of contributors are snarkily reviewing every book of the Thoroughbred series, as well as all kinds of other horse books that people remember from back in the day. Check out onesyrinx's review of The Caitlin Trilogy #1: Love: Book 1: Loving, which was also written by Joanna Campbell. It's positively hilarious. The book is even better.

Anyway, now that we've done with that plug, recently I've been thinking about the demise of children's series. I read Sweet Valley Twins, The Boxcar Children, Thoroughbred, and of course The Saddle Club pretty religiously as a kid, and came to The Baby-Sitters Club later, as a teenager. I have concluded that children's series begin to suck in two ways: they get bad, or they get boring.

Thoroughbred is a great example of a series that got bad, as in unbelievable, annoying, whiney, self-centered, ridiculous, obnoxious, and full of so many books that I honestly can't remember what happened where. By contrast, I would say that The Saddle Club just got boring; none of the ghostwriters made any terrible mistakes, like referring to Samson as Cobalt's father or anything, but there are many books post-#40 or so that I read once and honestly can't remember what happened where. Hmm, are we seeing a pattern?

Of course, there are the rare gems that get bad and boring. I would say that the Baby-Sitters Club got more boring than bad, except for character assassination of each and every main BSC member. But they were still pretty unbelievable -- just of the trips-to-Europe variety instead of the winning-by-31-lengths variety.

So, what do you think? Am I missing any other staples of 1980s/1990s girls series books that should be voted bad, boring, or both?


cleaning house

Posted by julnar on 2008.07.15 at 18:34
If anyone wants Pine Hollow #s 1, 2, 4, 15 or 16, let me know and you can have for free.


harry potter, Loads of fog

TV Show- Season 3

Posted by xxevereverafter on 2008.07.09 at 18:53
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Dont' know if anyone else has heard, but Season 3 of The Saddle Club is set to premiere later this year. After watching this, I think the new series is going to be even worse than the first two. (I had high hopes that the new episodes would be based more on the books, but no such luck.) They also redesigned the Saddle Club TV website
And, off topic, can anyone tell me what happens in PH #16 Track Record? It's the only one missing from my collection and I'd love to know what exactly happened with George and Callie.

If anyone has been absolutely dying for the box sets to be released on DVD, well, now's your chance. The first season is coming to DVD on August 5 and will cost just $14.98 (hmm, I hope that's not an indication of anything).

I will admit, I think this is better than the episodes awkwardly packed together into "movies," and they must be selling halfway decently if they've decided to release a box set ... that can only be good for BB, right?

saddle club

Lisa Atwood is smarter than me.

Posted by thepastperfect on 2008.06.10 at 22:33
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Every time I fill up my car, Lisa's estimate that gas costs over $6 a gallon (from #29) no longer seems strictly European.

Posted by 253dollars on 2008.05.30 at 12:36
If anyone wants to donate or sell for a cheap price all the Saddle Club books you have to my niece, she would love it,

she just got a broken leg from riding that will keep her in a wheelchair for a while, and she loves the Saddle Club. i was hoping it would keep her spirits up..

thank you
you can email me if you need

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