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I am such a geek

Posted by glitterberrys on 2008.03.16 at 18:51
For those of you who rode - or just those of you who wanted to - did you ever think about which of the Pine Hollow horses you'd ride?

'Cause I used to mentally compare them alllll the time. Belle would've been my first choice, because she, like my horse, had a wicked sense of humor. But of the lesson horses, I think I'd have wanted to ride Delilah. She seemed like a sweet horse, gentle without being dull.


My first experience with the TV show

Posted by thepastperfect on 2008.03.16 at 17:46
After spending many years pointing and laughing at the Saddle Club TV show, I thought maybe it would be better if I actually watched a few episodes in case I was pointing and laughing at it unjustifiably, so I borrowed a couple of DVDs from the library -- Horse of a Different Color and Storm at Pine Hollow. It took me a few trips around the internet to figure out what I was watching, but apparently these "volumes" are made up of a few episodes each (making them into about a 70-minute movie). Horse of a Different Color includes episodes 201 and 202 (A Horse of a Different Colour) and 203 and 204 (Show Ponies), kind of, except certain things were edited out, and Storm at Pine Hollow includes episodes 219-221 (Foster Horse).

So. Now that we've got the logistics out of the way.

There are some things I expected to dislike: the fact that the horses and Veronica look nothing like they do in the books, the random addition of a little sister for Lisa, and a whole bunch of random other characters who are hard to keep track of. Stevie goes around with the same grumpy expression on her face all the time. Veronica has been morphed into a fulltime character/grumpy diva, rather than just the antagonist, which I guess is nice in a way, but her character doesn't seem to have much more depth than in the books. Apparently the Saddle Club, Veronica and her friend Kristi, Lisa's little sister Melanie, and Melanie's friend are the ONLY people who ride at Pine Hollow.

For some reason, there is a full kitchen/lounge/TV room at Pine Hollow, and it is painted BRIGHT yellow. Similarly, parts of Pine Hollow and other sets are BRIGHT pink. It's just really not the kind of atmosphere a stable would have.

However, it's an absolute scream to watch the random musical numbers. Bad enough are the background songs, with their ballad-like lyrics of "We are the Saddle Club," but sometimes Carole, Lisa, and Stevie burst into song and are, like, supposed to be forming a band or something. I take it this is more of a production thing than a character thing, as the actresses themselves are kind of like the Australian versions of Miley Cyrus.

All that said, I would probably like it if I was eight and had never read the books. The girls playing Lisa and Carole are not bad actresses. The show is probably no worse than Full House was, and really, I liked Full House for way too many years.

and i have all your powers

Stevie Lake = Mischa Barton???

Posted by poisonivory on 2008.02.09 at 15:06
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So I just finished rereading #8: Horse Show for the first time in at least 12 years, and the latest reprint references both Nick Lachey and Mischa Barton. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that those were changes made for the reprint, since neither Nick nor Mischa was particularly famous in 1989, when this book was published. I am dying to know who the original celebrities referenced were, but alas, my original editions were long ago sold at a garage sale. Can anyone help me out?

(I'm also guessing that the Mischa thing was a reference to her modeling for some of the covers. Which is very cute.)


Posted by mcpon on 2008.02.03 at 21:11
I would like to tell you guys about a forum for discussing children's literature.  It's a place to meet new people of like-mind.  Thank you!
Children's Books forum - Home

Posted by ciaraxyerra on 2008.01.31 at 21:38
hey everyone. i have been a member of this community for a long time, but don't really post. i am posting now because i am moving in a month, & i have this enormous box full of "saddle club" books that i thought you all might be interested in. i am trying to get rid of them so i have one less heavy box to move, & also make a little bit of money to put toward my new security deposit. i am looking to sell them for fifty cents each, plus postage. so the deal is that the list of what i've got available is under the cut, & you can comment back & tell me which ones you want, plus your zip code or country where you live if not in the u.s., & i'll tell you how much you owe (i'll mail everything media mail to save you some money--unless you want a faster shipping method). i accept paypal for payments: learningtoleaveapapertrail@hotmail.com. i think i have almost every books, so here we go!

huge list of saddle club books for saleCollapse )

i also have some other YA serial fiction--some "babysitters club" mysteries, taffy sinclair & "fabulous five" books, & some "sleepover friends". if you think you'd be interested in any of those also/instead, let me know & i'll tell you what i have. thanks!

Wow, Breyer's really been at it. In addition to refusing to make their website even remotely helpful in terms of collecting, they've also released eight other new sets based on the Australian Saddle Club TV show.

Stablemates scale:
5501 "Jump Off" Carole and Starlight Play Set
5502 "Jumping to Conclusions" Lisa and Prancer Play Set
5503 "Found Horse" Stevie and Belle Play Set
5504 Stablemates Saddle Club Play Set Assortment

Classic scale:
61100 Saddle Club Gift Set Assortment
61101 Stevie and Belle Gift Set
61102 Lisa and Prancer Gift Set
61103 Carole and Starlight Gift Set

The two "assortments" are just the other three sets packaged into one. You can view pictures and details here (and obviously all over the place if you search for the model number).

These first came to my attention courtesy of eBay's "saved search" feature (the bad part is that I get tons of this emails for the new Breyer models, but not the old ones I'm looking for), and you can see pictures of these in the boxes here:

5501 Carole and Starlight
5502 Lisa and Prancer
5503 Stevie and Belle

Apparently, in addition to new models of fake!Starlight, fake!Belle, and fake!Prancer, Breyer also decided to produce a new Saddle Club Stablemates set (model code 5500). Like the two earlier Stablemates sets, there's nothing particularly Saddle Club about it.

Link to an eBay auction

Breyer appears to be rather crap about putting stuff on their website, so I can't find any official information whether this is the only Stablemate set, or if there are two, like before.


the stable project, part two.

Posted by thepastperfect on 2008.01.09 at 10:42
Some of you may remember that I was seized with an extra fit of the dorky this fall and built a stable to house the Breyer Saddle Club models that I have been dorkily collecting. So for Christmas, pigeonrat bought me a bunch of little miniatures to go with it, particularly for the grain shed, which was looking pretty empty before.

Pictures!Collapse )

I would never have thought to ask for accessories for the stable that makes me act like I'm eight years old, but every so often I stop in the miniatures section at AC Moore and pick up little buckets and barrels but can't justify spending actual money on them, so it was a very good gift.

Hey guys.

I have up for sale on Ebay, an almost complete Saddle Club Set!

They have been read but the insides are still in great shape, no markings or ripped pages.

I used to love these books, but I have to part with some stuff due to moving etc. :<
Please, I'd love for them to go to a great home where people who will love these books will continue to love them as I have loved them :3


Good luck and thanks for your time :3

Part of me does not want to part with the Saddle Club.
But I do need the extra space and all.

My favorite character has always been Veronica DiAngelo

I always thought Veronica's character to be a sad girl who wanted a friend and was misunderstood by her peers and acted spoiled because she could not relate to them.
SHe's a pampered heiress like character with parents who push the image of money and glamour onto their suspectable young daughter.
She only acts how she has been taught to and I don't believe that Veronica intends to be such a bitch brat as she has been, more likely she acts like a jerk to keep people away from her, as she's afraid to let the real her show, and afraid to let people in and she's been hurt before by relationships.

I was hoping she would become a member in time.

I noticed some books were she was human and sweet and it showed a scared little girl who wanted love and affection. Plus, there is a big lacking of Veronica's parents too, it seems like they just shower her with gifts instead of love and care.
Like when Stevie invited her to spend Thanksgiving, she got along nicely (if i remember)
and when she did care for the horse and proved it showing her marred manicure (that wasn't the gift horse book was it?)
I think it would been awesome of Veronica's character was developed more over time.
I guess I sort of feel for the Veronica's characters in the book world, since I have been one, i've been the kid with "all that great stuff" but with out the parents involved, they don't come through for you, and later they make admends by purchasing three Super Nintendo games.
Or a few Barbie playsets or board games.
But I was more lonely and a loner than a showy brat. Somehow, subconciously i did keep people away because i didn't know how to react and act.
I don't remember if Veronica's parents acted like that, but that scene in which she fell from the horse and she got millions of flowers and all seems to feel all too close to home and I could really indentify and feel for her.
Or is it that sometimes readers side with characters that have bits that are like them and want to create more emotion for them?

Its been a while since I read the books and all...so I don't know...
Darn...i'm having that "nooo i dun wanna part w the books now!" syndrome

galloping horse

This is the stable that I built.

Posted by thepastperfect on 2007.10.07 at 17:29
I thought there was nothing dorkier than deciding at the age of twenty-three that I needed to own all the Saddle Club Breyer models, but apparently I was wrong.

Even dorkier is deciding that you need a stable to house said Breyer models.

That said, I think it turned out pretty well.Collapse )

Recently we all expressed outrage at the new Breyer models based on the TV-show versions of the horses, which are NOTHING like the book versions.

Today, eBay listings came up, with pictures, for the three horses.

1310 Prancer
1311 Belle
1312 Starlight

*points* That is absolutely NOT a star on Starlight's face.

I realize that there are a lot of reasons the TV show went to Australia, and that maybe a totally out-of-canon TV show is better than none at all. Still ... it does beg the question of what exactly canon is these days.

Recently I got in a fight with someone in another community when I complained about BB describing Carole as "dark-skinned" in early books, and then changing her to "African-American" in others. So anyway, this person said that that's because the TV show is set in Australia, and there aren't as many black people in Australia. Someone else jumped in, pointing out that I was referring to the books, which were set in the USA.

I mean, obviously one horse can't be two different colours (to say nothing of genders), but there's a whole audience of kids who know nothing but the TV show (especially since the books are less readily available overseas), and to whom that is canon.

Not only are the new versions of #7 Horse Play and #8 Horse Show on sale today, Random House is also listing upcoming versions of #9 Hoof Beat (March 11, 2008), #10 Riding Camp (also March 11), #11 Horse Wise (June 10), and #12 Rodeo Rider (also June 10)!

The new cover art for #11 and #12 is not shown yet, which is fine with me. (Seriously, it all just ... looks the same. And none of the girls really look how I picture them, except maybe Carole, and that's only because she's black.)


Saddle Club breyers

Posted by julnar on 2007.09.10 at 21:04
Gah! Why is Prancer chestnut?? And Belle is black?? These are the only pictures I've seen so far. Not to mention, the mold used for Belle looks nothing like an Arab/Saddlebred. I'm guessing they didn't want to make three bay horses. Why not make Delilah, Cobalt/Samson, Patch, Spot, etc. I've only seen one or two episodes of the TV series, are Belle, Prancer, etc. not bay on TV?

It seems that when the ghost writers took over, all the horses turned bay!

Let me preface this by saying that #17 Horsenapped is one of my favourite books; it has some hilarious lines ("Carole heard a loud noise that sounded an awful lot like metal hitting wood. It was followed by a loud outburst of words that her father told her Marines sometimes said.") and does a pretty good job of making a slightly unbelievable situation more believable. (The horsenapping plot is much better than the horsenapping plot in #48 Mystery Ride.)

But. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't quite fit with the other books. A lot of the plot points seem to appear out of nowhere, probably because they're necessary plot points. For example, Stevie's affinity for fruity bubble gum? Adult riders at Pine Hollow in a non-abstract way, and the Saddle Club being on a first-name (and first-horse) basis with them? Cobalt's brother? Donald the stablehand? The di Angelos having a field where they could conceivably board a horse for a few days?

I know that there are reasonable explanations for all those things. Obviously there are adult riders at Pine Hollow, and if they live nearby, the girls have probably met them, especially since Carole loved Cobalt so much. Alicia Downing also seems to be younger than Bill Feeney, so it makes sense that they'd know her better. Red is referred to as the "head" stablehand in early books, so there must be others (although no other actual paid stablehands ever seem to exist). And I do get the impression that the di Angelo estate is, well, an estate, only I don't imagine it being the kind of estate where Veronica's mother would want to keep a horse.

But I guess my problem is that so many reasonable-but-never-before-discussed elements all being shoved into one book smack of retcon, or at least awkwardness.

I do think it's really funny. However, that only strengthens my feeling that BB must have been taking something when she wrote this one.

One more quote for the roadCollapse )

bear little brain

Books available

Posted by lydiasings on 2007.08.23 at 01:40
Current Location: London, UK
Hi everyone :)
I used to read The Saddle Club and Pony Tails, but I don't anymore. So I have a few of the books sitting around doing nothing, and I thought I'd post on here so you guys could take them off my hands. I'm in the UK. You can buy them and pay through Paypal, or we can trade. I read all sorts of books :)
Books are quite worn, just suitable for reading really.

Pony Tails
#7 Jasmine Trots Ahead
#9 Corey and the Spooky Pony
Saddle Club
#2 Horse Shy
#3 Horse Sense
#4 Horse Power
#7 Horse Play
#8 Horse Show
#11 Horse Wise
#12 Rodeo Rider


A few modly things

Posted by thepastperfect on 2007.07.26 at 12:58
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I am pleased to announce that we have our first affiliate -- taking_flight_, a discussion and fanfic community for Joanna Campbell's Thoroughbred series. The wonderful Whitebrook Farm website hosted a Thoroughbred forum for years, but it's closing in two months, so discussion will move to taking_flight_.

On a semi-related note, I redid the userinfo. I think it looks kind of cluttered, so I may be tweaking it.

On a note that is related only because I was making banners with the community name on them, I've often considered buying a rename token and calling this community saddleclub or thesaddleclub, instead of pinehollow, since The Saddle Club was obviously the most popular of the three series and probably more recognizable. OTOH, if you search for an interest, LJ now orders search results by last update and not by username, and anyway, there are not that many search results for either "saddle club" or "the saddle club" (yes, I checked). But I'm willing to go either way, particularly since I keep thinking about it -- that must mean something, right?

Poll #1028239 Name change?

Should we change the name of this community?

Yes! Make us easier to find.
No! This one's cutesy.
Doesn't matter -- if people can't figure it out, we don't want them.
I refuse to vote on principle.

Just for fun ... who was your favourite founding member?


And how about the other-branch members?

Am I missing someone?

As some of you know, I'm always interested to see the changes they make when they release new editions of books, particularly serials. The new Yearling edition of #6 Dude Ranch came out on June 12, and of course they changed all the "Indian"s to "Native American"s -- almost. Because I'm a dork, under the cut is a table of all the changes.

12 instances of mostly simple changesCollapse )

There are also four sections that weren't changed at allCollapse )

It could be that "Indian" isn't a problem when it refers to things, kind of like you have Oriental vases but not people, but I got a kick out of the fact that most of those are toward the end of the book. It's almost like they got tired of doing CTRL+F for it and gave up partway through.

The only major text change (not just Indian --> Native American) is the first oneCollapse )

Is it really so bad that Stevie has a dream about trying to lasso an Indian? I'm not disputing the fact that there's a legacy of poor white-American Indian relations in the US. But first of all, it's a dream, and second, Stevie is clearly not actively seeking to hurt or cheat, much less lasso, anyone. Of course, I'm not a Native American.

I think if I picked up a children's book from, say, the 1940s and read about "Oriental people," I wouldn't be offended -- product of its time and all that. Of course, I'm the least Asian Asian person I know, as I really don't feel Asian at all and don't care to feel Asian, so maybe that's not a good litmus test, but still. It feels kind of overly PC. I have to admit it gave me a good giggle to type up this list -- I don't mind changing it in the description, but I have a hard time imagining a twelve-year-old girl saying, "I saw a Native American."

I doubt they'll ever get this far, but if they release new editions up to #15, it'll be interesting to see how/if they change Christine's conversation with Gian the Italian boy (when he asks, "So what will they call the movies? Cowboys and Native Americans?").


Starlight's markings

Posted by sundae_mourning on 2007.06.27 at 12:07
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everyone knows about Starlight's lopsided star, but does anyone know for sure whether he had any socks? the traditional Breyer model of him has three socks, but the Stablemate size (that came with tack and a Carole doll) doesn't have any. i can't remember any references to Starlight having socks in the books and none of the girls ever mention it. (i am specifically thinking of in #40 when they all order sundaes to match the color of their horses and Stevie prompts Carole with "and what about his white star?") plus, the covers never showed him with socks, though i try to take most of the images with a grain of salt. i always assumed the first Breyer model just screwed up his markings, but it makes me wonder why they did that since that seems like a rather large error to make.

Apparently this fall, you'll be able to watch the second season of the TV show on public television. (I'm not sure if Discovery Kids, the original North American carrier, has already aired it, but if you don't have cable, this may be good news. That is, if any aspect of the TV show is good news.)


I am rather put off by the fact that they refer to the second season as "The Girls Are Growing Up," though. For a moment there I was concerned that they were making a whole new show with that title.



Posted by sundae_mourning on 2007.04.29 at 20:12
i've been re-reading the Babysitters Club books lately and i can't help but compare them a bit to the Saddle Club. a huge percentage of the BSC books revolve around the girls fighting over something or the other, and no matter how miniscule the issue is, it always ends up turning into a monstrous problem that nearly tears the club apart until the end of the book. on the other hand, as far as i can recall the Saddle Club only had one major fight during the entire run of the series. i am thinking of #62 when the girls made up New Year's resolutions for each other and then practically tore each other apart trying to get to Simon before realizing he was as nerdy and annoying as he was before. (i'm excluding the Pine Hollow books since they were obviously based on stirring up as much drama as possible.) compare that to the BSC where every other book is an opportunity to lash out at the other girls with all the ZOMG, Kristy took a job without offering it around! Claudia made a new friend! Mary Anne cut her hair! Stacey thinks we're all babies! Dawn won't wear yellow! i never want to speak to those bitches again!

why do you think this is? it's sort of interesting, seeing how both series center around a group of girls that are the same age. while i think the BSC overdid it a bit, i do think that their representation was a bit more realistic than the Saddle Club. after all, in middle school girls, how often do best friends get on each other's nerves? probably quite a lot, and i always did think it was a little far-fetched that Carole, Stevie and Lisa *never* argued over anything. there weren't even any simple "no! i want to ride the Mountain Trail, not the Silverado Park! why do we always ride where you want to go?" spats. what are your thoughts on this? is it because the Saddle Club had a built-in enemy in Veronica diAngelo that they didn't have to waste time fighting with each other to move the plot along? is it because the Saddle Club is so much smaller that it's hard to pick sides in a fight since inevitably one girl will be left all alone? it's interesting to think about how different both series are.

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